The Inside Story

This is the typical process that we undergo at the time of sending your subscription boxes

It always starts with identifying the Theme

A theme is planned 2-3 months in advance

Once the theme is finalized, then we have the books to be selected out of 100s of books that get released in a month. We read and read and bring you only the best.

We then finalize the merchandise

Keeping in mind the books and the theme

We select only the best vendors out of our extensive quality check that we do. Our quality process undergoes two layer of rigorous checks against product defects or damages and then they are nicely packed.

Pack Your Boxes

It is the most time consuming activity

We make the boxes, pack the items nicely, stack them very nicely. This is the day when we spend most of the time and energy. Most of the times our packing goes till 2-3 AM in the morning. To make sure that none of the items are getting missed, we again do a quality check thoroughly before putting them in Courier bags.

And then they are shipped

This is the best part of all

There is always a sense of satisfaction and achievement when we finish sending out boxes. We always choose the best courier partners (first preference is FedEx because of their reliable and timely service) who are servicing in that particular area. Our happiness goes to new levels when we get feedback from you regarding the boxes and this motivates us to move ahead for the future months

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