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What is my Story


Having deep passion in reading fiction books from childhood, I realized that there were great books by authors across the world that were neither much publicized in India nor appeared in higher rankings in Google search results during its early days post book release. Secondly, reading habits in India were not that popular as people didn’t know which book to read. Sites like Goodreads definitely provided book ratings, but what were the chances of the person buying the book recommended by them? It was slim; as there are so many good books that will confuse the person as to which book to read first.

This is where I decided to help readers

  • in giving them excellent fiction books, newly released (within 30 days of release) 
  • in inculcating good reading habits, to increase their vocabulary
  • in developing English language, as part of my cause to promote better learning and development

The outcome of this was my Bookling’s Crate.

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