Wild and Wicked – Sep’18


The box contained

  1. Books as per plan
  2. Couldron Wall Hanging by @thecraftpanda
  3. Cinnamon, Citrus and Pumpkin Spice Soy Candle
  4. Halloween Magnetic Bookmark
  5. Personal Booklet
  6. Chocolate Vanilla Cookies by @breadstorypune
  7. Witch’s Brew Tea Cup (Premium Plan)
  8. Chocolates (Premium Plan)
  9. Theme inspired Bookmark

Falling Through Time – Aug’18


The box contained

  1. Two Books as per choice
  2. Vintage angel metal bookmark
  3. Candies
  4. Jane Austen wooden badge by @thecraftpanda
  5. Exclusive Jane Eyre Bookmark
  6. Harry Potter inspired Flying Key bookmark
  7. Pride & Prejudice inspired pouch
  8. Theme Card

Tales With A Twist – Jul’18


The box contained

  1. Theme Card
  2. Books as per choice
  3. Glow in the Dark Bookmarks
  4. Rapunzel bookmark
  5. Hansel & Gretel inspired candy
  6. Little Red Riding Hood pin badge by @thecraftpanda
  7. Mermaid inspired Patchouli
  8. Rose foot soak
  9. Bookish tea-light holder
  10. Scented tea-light

Rebels and Runaways – Jun’18


The box contained

  1. Books as per choice
  2. Misfit Rebel Troublemaker Pouch
  3. Engraved pencils
  4. Frida Kahlo notebook
  5. Alice In Wonderland keychain
  6. Tyrion Lannister bookmark
  7. Bookworm chalkboard wooden bookmark
  8. Theme Card

Once Upon A Dream – May’18


The box contained

  1. Two Books as per choice
  2. Beauty and the Beast Falling Petal
  3. Woodmark by @thecraftpanda
  4. Flamingo Clip Bookmark
  5. On the go Tic Tac Toe
  6. Feather bookmark
  7. Shakespeare Inspired Bookmark by@bluewave.designs
  8. Darcy ( Pride & Prejudice) Pin
  9. Calm Coloring Cards & Color Pencils

Masquerade – April’18

The box contained

  1. Two Books as per choice
  2. Book sleeve inspired by ACOWAR
  3. Coaster based on Kaz (Sixnof Crows)
  4. Exclusive badge on Maleficent
  5. Postcard inspired by Beast
  6. Pearl ring from Aurora’s World
  7. Bookmark dedicated to Snape
  8. Door hanger – Wizards & Muggles
  9. Masquerade Mask
  10. Candies

Makers of Mystery and Magic – March’18


The box contained

  1. Book 1 (as per choice) – The Toymakers by Robsert Dinsale / The Chalk Man by C J Tudor / Hoarder by Jess Kidd
  2. Book 2 (as per choice) – The Woman in the Window by A J Finn / The Hazelwood by Melissa Albert
  3. Premium Designed –  Harry Potter T-Shirt
  4. Dragon / Owl Necklace
  5. Apple Vanilla Summer Candle
  6. Art Poster from Six of Crows
  7. Pin Badge – As Travers
  8. Bookmark with Night Circus Quote

Girls Who Slay – February’18


The box contained

  1. Book 1 – Everless by Sara Holland
  2. Book 2 – Genuine Fraud by E Lockhart
  3. Book Holder
  4. Harry Potter – Carry It All Pouch
  5. Snitch Bookmark
  6. A lovely Aero Pin
  7. Arya Stark Premium Badge
  8. ACOWAR Premium Badge
  9. A Theme based Bookmark

Ground Zero – A new Beginning – January 2018

 Click, Post and Win winners –

@bhatkraksha, @titirsbookland@unbox_the_book@muses_n_books


 The box contained;

  1. BOTM : You bring the distant near and the amazingly illustrated Almost Midnight
  2. Personalized pendent of your zodiac sign 😍
  3. 2018 predictions by Jyoti Kerkar
  4. Moon post it notes
  5. Harry Potter badge
  6. Planet lapel pin
  7. Owl tea strainer
  8. Gorgeous hair pin
  9. A noteboob
  10. Theme cards and illustrated postcards

Off to Neverland – December Box 

 Click, Post and Win winners – @amandeep.arora, @s.h.i.v.a.n.i.p.a.r.a.s.h.a.r, 
@unbox_the_book, @thetaskeenway


 The box contained;

  1. 📖 BOTM: Caraval by Stephanie Garber / Renegades by Marissa Meyer
  2. Alice In Wonderland Tote Bag
  3. A beautiful snowflake bookmark
  4. A reindeer lapel pin
  5. Angel Wings Ear Tops
  6. Handcrafted wooden Christmas hanging
  7. Furry Eye Mask
  8. Vanilla Candle
  9. 🎨art prints & theme cards of Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and others!
  10. 📄 Author Letter

Adventure to Hogwarts November Box


 Click, Post and Win winners – @bookshelfntales
@titlibee, @charchika_a, @thebookwhiz


 The box contained;

  1. Aventure To Hogwarts theme card
  2. Book of The Month: Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend
  3. Hogwarts banner
  4. Snitch necklace
  5. Hogwarts fridge magnet
  6. Breathtakingly beautiful flying key pagemarker
  7. A sword pen
  8. A golden feather
  9. Another key pagemarker
  10. Hogwarts ticket glossy postcard
  11. Wizard badge
  12. Postcard with a funny HP poem.

    WizardsAndWarriors October Box


     Click, Post and Win winners – To be Announced


     The box contained;

    1. BOTM-The Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell
    2. Vintage Message Bottle chain
    3. Harry Potter Wand keychain
    4. Batman / IronMan / SuperMan Luggage tag
    5. Captain America / Batman / Superman socks
    6. One Ring choker
    7. Book page holder
    8. Tea satchets by Tea Trunk (with a discount code)
    9. Theme card

    #AllThingsMagical September Box


    Click, Post & Win winners – @pooja_bhanj@thebookfaerie_ .

     Free Gift Won by @rakshitivy & @anaghasetloor


    The box contained;

     BOTM – Wonder Woman by @lbardugo

    1. Unicorn Socks
    2. Iron On patches ×3
    3. Dragonfly Necklace/Nepalese Bell Keychain
    4. Watercolor Bookmarks
    5. Owl Bracelet
    6. Wire Binder by @uniqueorn.express
    7. Fridge Magnet
    8. Postcard
    9. Feather PageMarkers
    10. Gems


    LoveIsInTheAir August- Pocket Friendly box


     Click, Post and Win winners – @asmaaam31, @the_artsy_witch, @atika.mittal , @pinto.caroline .


    The box contained;

    1. BOTM- When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

    2. Bookmark by @uniqueorn.express

    3. Macron storage box

    4. Mr. Owly by @lil_elfy

    5. Metal antique mermaid bookmark

    6. #betheboss pin

    7. Neck jewelry

    8. Winter is coming keychain

    9. Watch chocolate

    10. A special letter from the Author #sandhyamenon


    #BelieveInScary July Box


     Box Rep – Pavitra Madhusudan

    Click, Post & Win winners – Mousumi Dutta, @thebookfaerie_, Sakshi, Priya B

    The box contained;

    1. Book of the month – Wonder by Emma Donoghue
    2. A skull pendant necklace
    3. Set of three random bookmarks
    4. A tiny magnetic bookmark
    5. A golden metallic bookmark
    6. A fidget spinner
    7. A citrus cinnamon candle
    8. A mobile phone holder
    9. Alice in Wonderland art print
    10. Theme card
    11. Multi-flavoured Disney’s popping candy

    iLoveStationary June

     Click, Post and Win winners – Dr. Raksha Bhat, Prageet Goel, Juvairiya Tamiz, Indu Seetharaman

     Box Reps – Tahina, Avilasha


     The box contained;

     BOTM: The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli @beckyalbertalli

    1. Poem by Sukanya Basu Malik
    2. Personalised (Individual name printed) To Do List
    3. Illustrated Postcards
    4. Metal Monument Bookmark
    5. Hardbound Pocket Notebook
    6. Funky Sticky Notes
    7. Artsy Wooden Clips
    8. Pencils
    9. Color Splash Coaster
    10. Glitter Tape

    TraveltheWorld May 2017

    Picture winner – Farozan, Swarna

    Box Reps and Reviewers – Resh Susan, Seema Subba, Perzen Patel, Shriya

    The box contained;

    1. BOTM – Windfall by Jennifer E Smith @jenniferesmith
    2. Travel Tote – “Let the adventure begin”
    3. Jumbo Compass
    4. Personalized Travel Tag
    5. Travel Stickers by @inkmonk
    6. Coffee by @beanstalknleaves
    7. Travel Postcard by @cartoonamol
    8. Handmade Felt Bookmark
    9. Theme Card

    Wild&Free April 2017

    Picture winner – Juvairiya Tamiz

    Box Reps and Reviewers – Jyoti, Dimple, Seema

    The box contained

    A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman / Wing Jones by Katherine Webber

    1. Popular cartoon postcard by CartoonAmol
    2. Coffee by Beanstalknleaves
    3. Beauty and the Beast badges
    4. Coffee and Book Coaster
    5. Beauty and the Beast card
    6. Personalized Luggage Tag
    7. Quilling kit / Scented Candle
    8. Beauty and Beast Bookmark
    9. Bookly Bag by Bookling’s Crate
    10. Candy

    UnleashYourself March 2017

    Picture winner – Seema, Angel

    Box Reps and Reviewers – Lakshika, Sheetansh, Resh, Ruqaiya

    The box contained;

    2. Book/tab premium cushioned sleeve
    3. Shout out slate board with chalk and clips
    4. Water color bookmark with a beautiful quote
    5. Take it all out LIST BOOK
    6. Coffee by Nescafe
    7. Choco chip Cookies from CCD
    8. Two x lollipops
    9. Four Colouring cards and one crayon se

    ReadyforAnything February 2017

    Picture winner – Deepthi @beautywithbooks

    Box Reps and Reviewers – Khubaib, Lakshika, Resh

    The box contained;

    1. FREEKS book by Amanda Hocking
    2. Two Beanstalk & Leaves PREMIUM BLENDED COFFEE Powder
    3. Two Yoga bars
    4. One IN OMNIA PARATUS Tote Bag
    5. One Metal Bookmark
    6. One Harry Potter Wand Pencil
    7. Two Quoted bookmarks

    DreamsofHeart January 2017

    Picture winner – Freya and Aditi

    Box Reps and Reviewers – Lakshika, Sheetansh, Aditi, Reetu, Jenny, Karthika, Bookaholic.rnsFangirlResh

    The box contained;

    1. HEARTLESS book by Marissa Meyer’s
    2. Heart shaped VANILLA SCENTED candle
    3. One GOLDEN card deck
    4. One DREAM CATCHER keychain
    5. Two Tea Bags by Tea Treasure 
    6. Two beautiful bookmarks

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