And the Ocean Was Our Sky (Hardcover)


Why we recommend :: Retelling of the Moby dick story and the gorgeous Hardcover, definitely getting added in our library as a collectible.

Goodreads : 3.84/5
Genre : Young Adult, Fantasy



With harpoons strapped to their backs, the proud whales of Bathsheba’s pod live for the hunt, fighting in the ongoing war against the world of men. When they attack a ship bobbing on the surface of the Abyss, they expect to find easy prey. Instead, they find the trail of a myth, a monster, perhaps the devil himself…

As their relentless Captain leads the chase, they embark on a final, vengeful hunt, one that will forever change the worlds of both whales and men.

This book is part of Book Only Box for September’18 theme “Wild and Wicked” and will be shipped by end of September’18


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And the Ocean Was Our Sky (Hardcover)
And the Ocean Was Our Sky (Hardcover)
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