Quality Process

All the contents for a month’s box starts from deciding the theme. A theme is planned months in advance giving us the buffer and time frame to select the items (either we in source is or out source it) for the box.

Every item chosen goes through two layers of quality control checks to effectively ward off defective or damaged books or bookish merchandises. They are then packed nicely and stored in safe cartons to protect against damages due to manhandling.

Packing the items after quality check

Packing the items after quality check

Making the boxes...

Making the boxes…

We always try and manage to procure items quite in advance (sometimes we fail due to factors beyond our control). We have learnt over a period of time from delivering our earlier boxes that last minute procurement of items do cost – both time and energy.

The day where we spend most of our energies is at the time of making the boxes. 

We arrange the boxes and put the items in order. It is both fun and tiring in packing the box. Every box that we pack is with full of energy and devotion.

Most of the times our packing goes till 2 to 3 am in the morning. The nights are quite memorable. We eat, drink and merry while packing your box. 

To make sure that no items gets missed out from the box, we have a separate quality control team in place to double check the contents of your box.

Assembling your boxes...

Assembling your boxes…

Boxes are then stacked

Boxes are then stacked

Packed in protective courier bags...

Packed in protective courier bags…

Most of the boxes that we sent are via Fedex. We do send via other courier partners like Delhivery, XpressBees, India Post only when Fedex denies to deliver to that particular pin code. 

Once the boxes are shipped, it is a wait time for both you and me. We eagerly wait for the box to be delivered and receiving your response. We feel elated when you really love and enjoy the box (and this happiness of yours is what motivates us to move ahead and deliver more quality products for you).

...And Shipped

…And Shipped

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