Return/Refund Policy

We do not accept returns on our box once our Product has been sold, unless agreed with us.

If you get any damaged box or product, inform us within two days time and we will be happy to ship you a replacement or refund as applicable.

If you have purchased a subscription policy and wish to cancel, the following rules will apply to calculate your refund amount.

  1. There will be flat cancellation charges of Rs. 150 for Pocket Friendly Box, Rs. 175 for Book Only Box and Rs. 200 for Premium Box respectively.
  2. If you have subscribed for more than one month and wish to cancel for the remaining subscription months, then the above price will be multiplied by the number of months remaining to derive at the Cancellation charges.
  3. Refund amount will be calculated as the amount you paid for your order minus the cancellation charges, minus the bank transfer charges if any.

If you wish to cancel any of the flash sale items then Rs. 50 or 10% of the Flash Sale Order Value, whichever is higher will be calculated as cancellation charges and the balance will be paid as refund.

If the product was not accepted and returned back to us by our logistics partner and reverse shipping charges were applied and the customer wishes to cancel the order, then the reverse shipping charges will also be deducted in calculating the refund amount.

Refund will be paid directly to the Bank/Credit Card/Wallet/Paytm account from which you had paid us, unless otherwise mutually agreed between both of us (the Customer and The Booklings Crate).

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